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My Activist and Organizing Experience

I have many years organizing media events, rallies, Earth Day events, congressional lobby days and earned television and newspaper media events designed to support various environmental and/or legislation campaigns. I also participate in nonviolent demonstrations to stop environmental destruction.

My Writing Samples.

I’ve written well over 600 articles and opinion essays in many newspapers around the US about pressing environmental issues.

My Climate Change Education and Public Speaking Experience

I am a climate change adviser and board member at the World Information Transfer, an NGO at the United Nations.

I attended the COP-15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, the COP-21 Climate Summit in Paris in 2015 and the Climate Action Summit in 2019.

I’m also a climate change educator.
I have presented several hundred PowerPoint presentations at universities, civic organizations, religious institutions, conservation organizations, government hearings and 3 times at the United Nations.

About Me

Richard Whiteford is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, climate change expert, writer, and environmental activist. He follows current climate science from NOAA, NASA, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the National Academies of Science and the United Nations Environmental Program.

He has given 321 PowerPoint presentations, to date, about climate change at universities, religious institutions, high schools, academies of sciences, conservation organizations, civic organizations, at the Klimaforum in Copenhagen at the COP-15 Climate Summit and four times at the United Nations’ Annual International Conferences on Health and the Environment.

In 2015 Richard gave the keynote presentation about climate change and taught workshops at the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educator’s conference at Raystown Lake, the Green Allies Conference at Temple University and at the Pennsylvania Green Colleges Conference at Susquehanna University.   

He has written over 600 articles for newspapers and magazines and a book called, Wild Pennsylvania on Voyageur Press. He has conducted many newspaper, radio and television interviews. He is a member of the Climate Reality Project and assisted Al Gore in training over 4,000 new members. He is also a member of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby and was formerly employed by Defenders of Wildlife and the National Sierra Club.

In 1998 he received the Sierra Club Award for Environmental Activism and in 2006 was awarded the National Sierra Club Environmental Hero Award. In June 2015 he was voted on to the board of the World Information Transfer, an NGO at the United Nation’s where he severs as climate change adviser.

He received a B.A. in Communications from St. Joseph’s University in 2003.


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